Thursday, March 18, 2010

User Centered Service

The topic that I have chosen to work on is "virtual libraries". There are many people (non-librarians) out there who think that the internet, e-books, and Google will put an end to libraries and put librarians out of jobs. I am going to discuss virtual libraries.

A virtual library, also known as a digital library is a library without walls. A virtual libraries goal is that of any other library, to create an environment for gaining information. Access to information is key in a user's experience in any library From a user standpoint a virtul library offers many pros and cons.


  1. I don't see anyhting to read unless I'm looking in the wrong area. We're supposed to comment on each others blogs, so here's mine! By the way, I'm not one of those people that think libraries/librarians will go out of style! :)

  2. Jackie's right. We won't "go out of style". We will all be busy showing, sharing and shouting for more money! Money that's sitting in a virtual bank.